Our trails are undergoing improvements. Meanwhile we've created a downloadable PDF map you can take with you for orientation.


Mile Road

This easy-to-follow route commences at Old Lodge,  follows the road Corkins workers use for firewood collection, and ends at a river crossing. It is the most direct way of accessing the Box Canyon Trail.

Distance: 2.1miles | 3.6km

Estimated out-and-back time: 60 minutes


1/4-Mile Road

This easy-to-follow route splits off from the One-Mile Trail not too far from the Old Lodge, a bit past the Aspen Meadow. It does include `100 feet of elevation change as it winds its way down to the Brazos River. A tree house awaits you there.

Distance: 1.25 miles | 2.0km

Estimated out-and-back time: 60 minutes


River Trail

The more-primitive River Trail is accessed by making your way to the office, then following the side road that splits off to the right (and downhill) from the main road. Proceed down the hill beneath Log Cabin, then follow the sign, head down the basalt cliff via the Old Taos Stagecoach Road to the River, then begin tracking upstream.

Distance: 1.25 miles | 2.0km

Estimated out-and-back time: 120 minutes


Box Canyon

Near the end of Mile Road, this rugged trail splits off through the forest, then quickly begins climbing high above the river toward the Box. There are occasional stone markers.

Distance: 3.5 miles | 5.3km (including Mile Road portion)

Estimated out-and-back time: 180 minutes